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About Me

During my career, which I started as a content manager on the media side in 2008, I worked as an expert and manager in the field of Marketing Communication for Turkey's leading brands in many sectors, especially media, agency, and entrepreneurship. In my career, which started with Project and Content Management, I worked at important points that required expertise in many different disciplines such as brand and product ownership. I had a lot of experience in digital projects and sales operations management, creating "UX- user experience", content marketing, marketing products and services through different channels.

Industries I have experienced include Media, E-Commerce, FMCG, Automotive, Energy/Engineering, and Law.


While designing this site, I aim is to meet you and share about marketing communication, brand management, and technology in the rapidly developing world.

Marketing Communication Brand Management
Corporate Communication

Business Development

Digital Media  Online Marketing

Social Media    Project Management

UX/UI Technology

Ofiste çalışırken çekilen anlık fotoğraflardan biri. PAzarlama İletişimi profesyoneli Ahmet vural Kaya

The main goal should always be "Happy" and "Success"

At the end of 16 years in my business life, which passes quickly and I know that I still have a lot of new things to learn, I see that there are things that are much more important than adjectives or money. Particularly, the energy created by being a part of a team, having a common goal, and being faithful to it is a very important element that makes you feel that your time and even your life in the organization you work for is not wasted.


For this reason, I always put success and happiness at the top of my goals in my life. It feels incredible to see the people I work with improve themselves, to be improving myself while thinking about what I can add more to them, and to be getting the results of every step taken and every effort put together over time.


For this very reason, the important thing is not the last stop we will go to, but the road itself. I have never seen anyone as a competitor in my life. "My biggest competitor was myself." When each day is over, I aim to be a little further and a different Vural than the previous day. I recommend this perspective to everyone.


Hope to meet you in good opportunities...

Projects &

I've had the opportunity to work with many companies and brands throughout my career, each providing valuable learning experiences.



MGC Legal A.Ş.

He is a teammate who strives to do his job in the best way and whose excitement never ends. He is always sincere and sincere. He likes to convey his experiences; listens, tells and teaches. Working with him is always a pleasure. He accomplished great things in a short time and made a difference. I have no doubt that he will add value to the companies he will work for in the future.

I'm glad our paths crossed, all the best.


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